What are the benefits of massage?

Before looking at the benefits of massage we need to first of all define what type of massage are we talking about?

Here at the clinic we offer deep tissue, also known as sports massage. This means that a firmer pressure is applied during the massage so that we can target the deeper layers of muscles as well as the superficial muscles just beneath the skin. While this can be uncomfortable it should not be painful and we will regularly check with you throughout the massage that the pressure is ok for you.

So let’s talk benefits. Short term benefits of massage, which can be felt immediately after, include –

  • A feeling of relaxation
  • Muscles feeling ‘looser’
  • An increased range of movement in the joints (being more flexible)

Many people also report having ‘the best nights sleep’ after a massage. While these are fantastic benefits they can sadly be short lived, with muscles ‘tightening back up’ sometimes within a couple of days. This is often due to a process called Muscle Memory.

How do we combat this? With regular massage.

Regular massage brings many more benefits on top of those listed above. For a start the ‘tightening back up’ of muscles can be combatted with a few short spaced sessions which aims to work into any chronic tightness.

Long term benefits of regular massage also include –

  • Reduced muscle pain
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better sleep quality
  • Overall sense of improved wellbeing
  • Reduction of headaches and migraines

To put it simply massage is amazing! It’s not only an opportunity for some time for yourself but the physical and mental wellbeing that you can get from regular massage is priceless. It’s something that I can’t imagine living without!

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