********** Updated 02/11/2020 **********

National lock down is once again upon us….. but we have some good news!

We will remain OPEN!!!

We’re classed as ‘Essential Workers’. This means our work takes pressure off the NHS which will mean you will still have access to our Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

We are happy to confirm that we have had an update from the massage associations who have confirmed that massage can contiune through this second lockdown. Sports massage has finally been given the recognition that it is an essential part of treatment for musculoskeletal conditions and massage in a secure clinical setting, such as ours, prescribed by Allied Health Professionals (Chiropractors and Osteopaths) has been deemed an essential medical treatment.

As stated in the Prime Ministers announcement you are permitted to attend your appointments with us. Our challenge the first time around was firstly clarification with regards what was expected, risk assessment and then access to PPE. This time, we’re ready!

We will continue to provide a safe environment for you to visit by following the strict guidelines issued by our professional associations and regulators.

We’re once again unsure about the position of the massage therapists as of yet and will let you know when we know. I’m sure that over the next few days there will be further clarification on what’s expected.

If you’re shielding/in quarantine and unable to visit the clinic, we’ll be happy to give you support over the phone. Just call our fantastic front desk team on 01244 880186 and they’ll arrange your virtual appointment time. We’d hate to think you were struggling/suffering in silence.

We’re here to safely serve you and our community.


We are now open for Chiropractic, Osteopath and Massage patients. Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
we are limiting the number of patients that the clinic is able to see.

We are, therefore, currently working on rearranging any appointments to
ensure we can see all our existing patients and Wellbeing Members as soon as

We also wanted to assure all our existing patients and Wellbeing
Members that if you will require an additional visit due to the length of time
between appointments, plus the additional stress and tension you’ve been under
will undoubtedly have had an effect, we will be working hard to fit these in
for you.

We want to assure you that we will support our patients and
community to the best of our ability and look forward to fully re-opening our doors.

We continue to following the advice of Public Health England and our governing bodies.

Following an update from the Government patients are strongly advised to
wear face coverings 
while attending clinic but it is not mandatory.

All your practitioners and Massage Therapists will continue to wear Full PPE

All patients are still able to attend the clinic even if the area in which they live has had addition
lock down measure implemented. This is due to the clinic being a medical practice and 
because of the strict measures we have in place within the clinic. 

If, however, you have any symptoms or have been told to isolate by Track & Trace
you will not be permitted to attend the clinic.

If this advice changes we will of course keep everyone updated

Here at Aligned Health we take the safety of our patients and team members seriously.

We have put protective measures in place throughout our centre.

Face Mask COVID-19
Social distancing COVID-19
Hand washing COVID-19

The team will be wearing PPE during your treatment. This will include face masks, aprons and gloves.

Please keep 2 meters apart at all times during your visit. When having your physical consultation, precautions will be taken, by our team members to ensure safety.

Before entering the clinic you will be asked to wash your hands. We also have hand sanitizer throughout the clinic.