The World of books!

I love books, I love reading. In fact, I love reading so much Abi frequently tells me I own too many books whenever I mention what I am reading at the time. HOWEVER, it was not always like this. One of the worst kept secrets about me is that I am dyslexic. Now while I did not know this for a long time, I did know I HATED reading. I thought it was hard and slow and quite frankly boring.

That all changed however, one day after school, when I was watching Arthur (a great children’s show by the way). The episode in question was one that took place at the end of the summer holidays and Arthur and his friends were worried that had not done anything during their time off. Eventually they found a list of activities they wanted to do. One activity on the list was “explore new worlds”. From there Arthur and his friends came to realise that while they had not travelled to new worlds, they had been transported to new places through things such as books.

I’d never thought of reading this way before. But it is true. I mean the same can be said for films and TV shows, but in these cases, the exploration is often over very quickly. With books you truly get to spend a substantial amount of time in these worlds. After this realisation, books became interesting to me and a quickly fell in love with reading.

Over the past year, while we have been spending more and more time inside, you might be wanting to get into reading or to get back into reading. So, I thought, as someone who finds reading challenging, I would share some quick tips I use to motivate me to read more.

1. Set a target: when I am reading a book, I aim to read either a chapter a day or 20 pages a day (whichever comes first). This breaks the book down into small, more manageable bits. It also gives you a sense of a achievement when you reach your target and you may even find you want to keep reading.

2. Use a book tracking app: In a similar way to setting a target, I also use good reads to set myself reading challenges, which helps motivate me when I am finding it hard to concentrate.

3. Create your own reading space: one of the things I struggle with is paying attention to what I am reading. So I created a space downstairs where I can put headphones in, listen to some calming music (anything too loud could be distracting) and just get lost in a book.

4. DO NOT force yourself to finish a book: I know this sounds really basic but if you do not like a book, don’t force yourself to keep reading. You will find it much easier and more enjoyable to read something that interests you rather than trying to finish something you hate.

5. If you want to take a break do so: reading looks easy, but it takes energy. It is understandable to want to take a break. Whether that be for an hour or for days, don’t keep reading if you do not have the energy for it.

There you have it, five tips to help you get into reading or to encourage to pick a again after a long time away. Enjoy exploring new worlds everyone.

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