Celebrating Earth Day

As you may know Earth Day was a couple of weeks ago. People across the world marked this day in various different ways. My health and wellbeing is very important to me so I decided to take advantage of Earth Day and get out into the countryside for my regular exercise while celebrating our planet!

The past year has kept us all inside for most of the last year, and I am no different. Apart from practising my football skills, I have spent most of the time indoors, so I cherished the chance to get outside. Now I could give you a walk through of my day but apart from getting lost once or twice it was a pretty straightforward walk I completed. So instead I thought I would give you three reasons why getting outside for regular exercise is so important!

1. Easier to motivate yourself:

I have talked before about the difficulty of finding motivation to go the gym for regular exercise. One of the benefits of going on a walk through the countryside is it feels more like a day out. Take a healthy picnic lunch, and a friend and suddenly you are just hang out with someone instead of exercising.

2. Can help reduce stress:

Day to day life is getting faster paced and it can be hard to find time to wide down let alone exercise. By getting out into the country side you are removing some of the distractions and stresses of everyday life. This can help you stay in the moment for a while and can help you relax, and hey, you are also EXERCISING too!

3. Seeing our wonderful countryside:

Being in a gym is great but I could not write an email about Earth Day without mentioning nature. Getting out of the gym and into the countryside, will give you time to experience the wildlife around us that you might miss out on while in the gym or at work. This can itself help with your help because you are not always in the same environment. Sometimes a change of surroundings can help renew energy and help improve your focus.

So there are my three reasons why it is so important to get outside into the countryside for your regular exercise. I hope this gives you some inspiration the next time you are planning a exercise regime!

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